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The Steubenville Tootlers

This unique little band is available in two configurations: The five-piece band (shown) or the six-piece group (adding drums).

This is an OktoberFest style German band. All music is played in the traditional Oom-pah style. To add to the festive, authentic feel, the band dresses in genuine Tyrolean lederhösen. Sing along with some of the classics: In Himmel Es Gibt Kein Bier, In Müchen Stadt Ein Hofbräuhaus, Du, Du Liest Mir Im Herzen, and Ein Prosit! And dance to the haunting (?) strains of the Chicken Dance!

Current personnel include: Ray Spires, Clarinet; John Entzi, Trumpet; Earl Sachais, Trombone; Nathan Heffner, Keyboard; Rick Neiman, Tuba; and Justin Watts, Drums.

Available dates furnished by contacting the The Steubenville Tootlers, or calling 864-834-3798. Group price ranges from $1000.00 [for five-piece group] and up.
Keep in mind that this group can book any time throughout the year. However, if you want to book an Oktoberfest celebration, this includes the period from September 1 through October 31, please contact us as early as you can. We do have a lot of repeat customers who have standing reservations every year, but we will make every effort to accomodate your request.


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